shiki0014 (shiki0014) wrote in manga_madness,

hello! ^-^

hi guys! am a newbie here so nice to meet you all~! ^-^
drawing is one of my most favorite hobby! i did want to take up arts for college but too bad i wasnt able too... but i still continue sketching/drawing... i started to try sketching when i was 4thr year high school (incoming 1st year college and i am a 3rd year college now)
so from drawing i say that am still a bit newbie~~ but anyway here are some of my drawing for the past 2 years... and i draw anime characters a loooot! ^-^

this sketch is very important to me since this was the very first sketch that i did!
when i decided to try to draw something during the summer of my 4th year High School this was my first drawing

my 2nd sketch ^^ yup yup... this is my 2nd drawing after that first one above
(when i say 2nd, it means that this was the 2nd sketch that i ever made)

i still have more drawings in my LJ but i just post this for now ^-^
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