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dA fella Mecha exoskeleton with Pinup Girl inside (kinda-Shirow-style)

Hi people! well, i am posting a new artwork. This one has been specially hard to make, for many reasons: to put a pin-up girl inside a mecha-version-dA-fella-guy (the DeviantArt mascot) was one of them!

Also to use the fella as inspiration to make the mecha exoskeleton of the lady warrior was pretty complicated....to make their bodies work together was harder...add to it the whole glass, metal, gold and human skin textures, transparency and you will have a biiiig problem there.

Anyway, i finished it, and i am finally ready to take commissions like usual (this last year real-life has been hard!), also, comments and questions will be very welcomed!


This is part of the pic:


More of my artwork here: http://enn-enn.deviantart.com/ :)
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