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Anime and Manga Artists United

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Welcome to Anime and Manga Artists United!

Purpose: To let all anime and manga artists to display their artwork here. This is a place where your art (and you!) can get recognized.

Can's:You can post any style of anime and manga here, including hentai, yaoi, and yuri (though we do ask that you make a warning along with an LJ cut). Feel free to ask questions to any of the other artists here.

Can Not's: Please do not post quizes here! Please do not post pictures of yourself here! Please do not steal other people's artwork. Please don't be rude. There are nice ways of saying someone's artwork could use a little help.

Rules: Please post any big or multiple images behind an LJ cut so as not to screw with people who have a slow modem. Also, include a warning with the cut as to clue us in on what's inside.

Please! By all means promote your artwork and your personal websites (if they are related to anime and manga)! If you have a new comic coming out, tell us! If you are going to be selling your art at a convention, tell us!

Now go and be good little artists and show off your stuff!